• Needle Punched Wool Felt

    Needle Punched Wool Felt

    Our Wool Blend Craft Felt is a blend of 30% wool and 70% rayon/viscose, recommended as a higher-quality craft felt or a great alternative to 100% wool felt. Premium Felt has a greater density of fibers, which provides both smooth, fabric-like texture and rich color. It also meets the Oeko-Tex standard, making it safe for babies and kids. Create clothing, toys, arts, and crafts with a wide array of vibrant colors to choose from. By the mixing of chemical fiber and wool fiber,it can make the fe...
  • Wool mixed felt

    Wool mixed felt

    Material:polyester and wool fiber,

    Acrylic and wool fiber,

    polypropylene and wool fiber,

    viscose and wool fiber,

    PLA and wool fiber etc

    Technology: non woven needle punched

    Density: 50gsm-7000gsm

    Thickness: 0.5mm-70mm

  • Pressed Wool Felt

    Pressed Wool Felt

    The majority of fiber used in pressed felt is wool. Wool fibers have small barbs on them, which aids in the natural locking or felting process.

    Pressed wool felt is made via an intricate process often referred to as “wet processing”. Fibers are worked together by pressure, moisture, and vibration, then carded and cross-lapped to make multiple layers of material. The ultimate thickness and density of the material determines the amount of layers that are then steamed, wetted, pressed and hardened.